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Scottish SPCA celebrates Black Cat Awareness Month

Scottish SPCA celebrates Black Cat Awareness Month

The Scottish SPCA is currently searching for homes for around twelve black cats across their animal rescue and rehoming centres throughout Scotland this Black Cat Awareness Month (October).

We want to eliminate the stigma some people hold that black cats are bad luck.

Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre Superintendent Sharon Comrie said, “Unfortunately sometimes our black cats can wait longer for new homes than our other felines. Black cats are adopted at a rate lower than any other colour of cat, which we can’t understand at all.

“We believe this is because some people think they are unlucky, which is a real shame as they are gorgeous cats who make loving, affectionate companions."

You can follow #BlackCatAwarenessMonth on social media to track the campaign and share your love of black cats throughout October.  

Anyone who is interested in offering an animal a new forever home should contact our animal helpline on 03000 999 999 or visit the rehoming section of the website