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Rabbits find five-star forever home

Harriet and Penelope

The Scottish SPCA is delighted to share updates on two of its former bunny residents.  

Fluffy was in the care of our Dunbartonshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre before finding his forever home with Harriet Pearce in May 2019. Harriet also welcomed Penelope into her home from our Lanarkshire centre just over a year later in August 2020.

Since rehoming Penelope, Harriet was inspired to open her own bunny hotel named Penelope & Pals.


Harriet said, “My dream has always been to be a veterinary nurse but I just never went ahead with it. I’ve been working as a nurse assistant for nine years.

“I have a massive passion for animals…more than humans sadly!

“I love helping animals and have completed different fundraising challenges for various animal charities including climbing Ben Nevis, hosting a ball, and climbing Goatfell with my cat!

“I have also collected and donated lots of food for the animals in the care of the Scottish SPCA for the past three Christmases.

“I will never get enough of working with animals.

“My story of Penelope & Pals began when I was in Krakow for my mum’s 60th birthday two years ago, and I saw a bunny for sale in a pet shop who was in such a sorry state. It really shook me up.

“I knew that I couldn’t take it as I was from a different county, and it would encourage this to happen again and again.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about the poor bunny, so in its memory I decided to rehome Fluffy from the Scottish SPCA.

“Fluffy wasn’t the original bun I went to meet, but he kind of chose me.

“I spent a lot of time reading up and studying rabbits, as he was quite hard to understand. I spent a good year bonding and connecting with Fluffy, and fulfilling his every need.

“He is an outdoor bun but I would spend many days and nights either outside with him, or he came for a nosy inside.

“We bonded so well and he is a very classy gentleman. He is very well-mannered and is happy with whatever life throws at him!

“He was just one-year-old when I rescued him and he has not long celebrated his third birthday.

“After spending a year with him I decided it was time he had a wife for some company.

“This is when I came across Calliope, now Penelope, on the Scottish SPCA website.

“She was an outdoor bun, so my first thought was this was perfect!

“Because of covid restrictions I wasn’t able to meet her before bringing her home.

“This didn’t matter because to me it was about finding a companion to keep Fluffy happy, so even if she was hard work I was willing to put everything in to her.

“When I first met her she was so beautiful but also very overweight!

“I brought her home and after three or four days she started to come out of her shell and she was the biggest character ever!

“I decided to change her name to Penelope as Calliope is one of the ugly sisters in Cinderella, and she was far from ugly!

“She has such a big personality, it’s unbelievable. The vet estimated she was around six years old when I rehomed her, so she will be seven this year.

“We’ve no idea of her background as she was found free roaming in Hamilton, but it doesn’t surprise me as she does what she wants and is the best escape artist I’ve seen!

“If she’s not happy in her pen she will jump out, but jump back in when she’s ready.

“She also likes to take all her toys on to the roof of her hutch and chill out there. She likes to then jump from the roof of the hutch on to my window ledge with her food bowls to show me they are empty!

“She has become such a character in my life. My two cats and dog love both the rabbits. We are all such a happy family.

“I wanted to rescue more and more animals and I was never off of the Scottish SPCA website. It was then I realised that as much as I would like to sometimes because of circumstances you can’t help every single animal.

“I then decided to open Penelope & Pals, which is my five-star bunny hotel for buns to check in to when their owners do the terrible thing and go away on holiday! Much to their rabbit’s disapproval! 

Penelope & Pals

“I always wanted to create a home away from home for them. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor bun, I want to make their time with me as stress free and normal for them as possible.

“I worked so hard and spent a lot of money getting the bunny hotel built just right.

“Penelope & Pals is just the start of a massive dream of mine, and it is only coming true because I met Penelope.

“Rehoming Penelope and Fluffy has changed my life so much for the better, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

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You can find out more information about Penelope & Pals here:

Penelope & Pals

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