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Political parties pledge to implement our manifesto calls

ARO with Van

Many of Scotland’s leading parties have pledged to implement items from the Scottish SPCA’s manifesto for animal welfare should they be elected.

The Scottish Conservatives, Scottish Greens, Scottish Labour and the Scottish National Party have each included a number of items our manifesto, Better for Animals, in their own party manifestos.

Better for Animals urges policymakers in the next Scottish Parliament to enact a raft of changes to improve the lives of domestic, farm and wild animals nationwide.

View our manifesto in full

Here is a breakdown of what each party has pledged to do in line with what we included in our Manifesto.

Scottish Conservatives

The Scottish Conservatives have said they will:

  • Ban the sale of dogs with cropped ears
  • Ban the use of shock collars on dogs
  • Amend the Dangerous Dogs Act so that a dog is not judged on breed
  • Review live animal exports

Scottish Greens

The Greens have said they will:

  • Ban the use of shock collars and other training tools which cause pain
  • Fully ban fox-hunting
  • Ban the use of snares, Larson and glue traps
  • Ban the export of live animals for fattening and slaughter

Scottish Labour

  • Introduce a National Animal Cruelty Register
  • Ban the import of very young puppies
  • Take a more comprehensive approach to public education on animal welfare
  • Ban the use of snares
  • Ban the use of shock collars
  • Ban the export of live animals for fattening and slaughter

Scottish National Party

  • Close loopholes in the law to protect foxes and other wild mammals
  • Ban live animal exports for fattening and slaughter

Remember, there’s still time to sign our petition to ensure elected representatives stay true to their promises and do Better for Animals at the next election.

If anyone is concerned about an animal, please do not hesitate to contact our confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999. We need your support today. From as little as £1, you can save lives. Please support the Scottish SPCA today.