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Missy's rehoming 'tail'


Missy recently celebrated her one year rehoming anniversary! 

She was a quiet wee bunny when she first went home, and enjoyed wandering all over the house as well as in a safe outdoor space. Her new family even likened her to a chicken as she was a free range bunny!


She has had quite an eventful year, and not very long after going to her forever home Missy sadly developed a cataract. Despite this, she adjusted very quickly to only having sight in one eye, and remained the lovely natured bunny she’d always been.

Her condition unfortunately worsened as a few months later, and Missy also developed a cataract in her other eye.

She was very confused and frightened by this, and her owners helped her as best they could by not moving any furniture, and guiding her when she got lost.  Once again she amazed them by learning to cope with her blindness.  


Missy was referred to a specialist and it was decided that she would be a good candidate for cataract removal surgery. She had both cataracts removed on 24 November and has made a great recovery!

It was a very stressful time Missy’s owners and they were so relieved when they found out the surgery had gone well. Since her surgery she has gone from strength to strength and now that she has perfect sight her owners have discovered just how fast she can move!

They are so glad they applied to adopt Missy as she is a joy to have and they love her to bits





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