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Mimi's rehoming tail


Mimi was rehomed from our Aberdeenshire centre last summer and has settled in amazingly to her new home.

Her new owners Claudine and Ian instantly fell in love with Mimi’s beautiful face and tiny paws when they first saw her on our website. They also loved her sassiness!

When they got her home she was very quiet and hid under the bed, but once she realised she was in her forever home and wasn’t moving anywhere she soon came out of her shell.

We’re told Mimi is into everything and shows a new side to her personality every day. She also likes to head-butt her new owners for attention!

Claudine and Ian are so happy they were able to rehome Mimi. They love her to bits and she has made such a big difference to their lives.

If you would like to give an animal like Mimi the confidence to come out of their shell, please find all the animals in our care who are searching for a new home here.


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