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Kandi's rehoming tail

Kandi at the beach

Kandi was rehomed from our Glasgow Animal Rescue and Rehoming centre in October, and we can safely say she has found the 'paw-fect' forever home.

Kandi and her new owner

Although she is seven-years-old, don’t tell her that as her new owners Lauren and Jordan tell us she acts just like a pup!

After coming into our care overweight and seemingly neglected, she now loves nothing more than exploring new environments and running free with her doggy friends.

Kandi and her best friend Max

She absolutely adores swimming and playing in the water, so the beach or anywhere else with water is the way to her heart.

We love receiving ‘pup-dates’ about our former furry residents, and we are so happy that Kandi is living the life she deserves. If you would like to let us know how your new family member is settling in to their new home, please get in touch with us at:

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