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Homes needed for overlooked ferrets

Ursula the ferret
Image caption
Ursula the ferret

We are urgently seeking homes for two overlooked ferrets in the care of our Angus, Fife and Tayside Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

We have been caring for the two female ferrets, named Ursula and Pea, for over 44 days and 84 days respectively.

Centre assistant manager, Dale Christie, said, “Both these girls are lovely ferrets who would make a great addition to a home.

“We’re unsure of Ursula’s age but she’s a playful little lady who is full of mischief!

“Pea is one year old and super inquisitive, she loves to run around and investigate her surroundings.

Pea the ferret

“Both girls are well handled, although like all ferrets they can be nippy at times, and any new owner should be aware of this.

“Ferrets need a large enclosure that has plenty of enrichment so they can exercise and explore. They also need sufficient time out of their enclosures for stimulation and socialisation.

“Either of these girls could potentially go to homes with existing ferrets as long as their owner was able to carry out the proper introductions and provide them with a separate enclosure while they got used to their new surroundings.

“We’d love to find the perfect homes for both of these lovely ladies as they’ll make fantastic companions for any ferret enthusiast.

“Anyone interested in either of these animals can apply online or find out more about them on our website.”

People can find out more about the ferrets here:




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