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Help find our piglets a home in time for a merry 'Pigmas’

Two piglets shown together and individually in three pictures.

We are looking for a new home for Chris Hamsworth and Tom Piggleston in time for them to have a Merry ‘Pigmas’

We have been caring for Chris and Tom at our Edinburgh and Lothians Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre after they were found underweight and in unsuitable conditions at their previous home.

The piglets, both aged four months old, arrived at the centre on 1 November and have been in their care for 45 days.

Since arriving, Chris and Tom have enjoyed their food and reached a healthy weight. They have also been castrated and given ear tags.

Diane Aitchison, centre manager, said, “We would love to find Chris and Tom the forever home they deserve.

“The boys have become favourites at the centre and love to ‘hog’ the limelight.

“They are very inquisitive and will run up to you and feed from your hand. When their bellies are full, they’ll be snuggled up together in the straw.

“Chris and Tom would suit a farm-type setting in the Edinburgh area and their new owner should have experience with pigs and the relevant CPH licence to keep them.

“Their new home should have lots of space for them to root around and should have plenty of toys and enrichment so they don’t get ‘boar-ed’.

“We know these boys would make a new family very happy. It would be marvel-ous to keep in touch as ‘pen’ pals!”

Please apply via our website if you think you can give Chris Hamsworth and Tom Piggleston a new home where they can wallow in attention. 




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