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Fox cub on the mend after glue trap ordeal

Sticky fox cub
Image caption
Sticky's fur was badly damaged by the glue trap

The Scottish SPCA is renewing calls for a glue trap ban after rescuing a fox cub which was stuck in one overnight.

We're reiterating our long-standing opposition to the use of glue traps, which are trays coated with a sticky adhesive typically used to trap rodents and animals classed as vermin.

An inspector was alerted to the baby fox on the morning of April 10. The poor fox had been caught in the trap overnight and the caller heard him wailing in pain. The cub was whisked to the our world-leading National Wildlife Rescue Centre.

The wildlife team set to work cleaning his fur. It was badly matted by the adhesive and, though they were able to remove some of the substance through a mix of fairy liquid, vegetable oil and soapy water, they had to shave some of his fur.

Glue trap fox cub

Sticky has since been recuperating in the our large mammals’ unit at the centre. He is one of over 20 fox cubs Scotland’s animal welfare charity is currently looking after. Sticky will be released later in the year when he is old enough to fend for himself in the wild.

Wildlife manager Steve Gray said: “The prognosis for Sticky wasn’t good. The glue trap had seriously damaged his fur and skin. The team spent hours treating him on arrival and their efforts have really paid off. Now, he’s a happy, playful baby fox who is getting on well with the other cubs we’ve grouped him with.

“In a few months’, we will release Sticky at a suitable release site where we hope he will have a long, happy life in the wild.”

Sticky now

We're fiercely opposed to the use of glue traps in any form.

Chief superintendent Mike Flynn said: “We understand a pest control firm supplied the address with glue traps to deter vermin. Shockingly, glue traps are still legal in the UK. This poor fox cub’s lucky escape is further proof that they are an ineffective form of pest control.

“The Scottish SPCA has long advocated a total ban on glue traps. Thankfully, our brilliant rescuer and wildlife team have been able to save and care for Sticky, but many other wild animals aren’t so lucky.”

Last year, the our National Wildlife Rescue Centre treated over 7,500 wild animals. Our inspectorate responded to over 77,000 reports of animals in need in 2020.

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