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Cat stuck 30ft off the ground on overhead crane brought back down to earth

Robert and David from Glennon Brothers, Troon with rescued cat in carrier

Cat stuck 30ft off the ground on overhead crane rescued with cherry picker 

A cat that was stuck on a 30ft high overhead crane in a warehouse on Harbour Road, Troon was successfully rescued. 

We were alerted to the cat when the staff at Glennon Brothers, Troon called for assistance on 25 April.

Animal rescue officer, Sheena MacTaggart said: “On 25 April, we were alerted to the incident when workers reported hearing a loud meow in the warehouse.

“We suspect she got a bit carried away chasing birds and somehow managed to get stuck on the crane.

“Luckily the warehouse workers had access to a cherry picker so Robert and David were able to capture the cat using my thick gauntlet gloves and cat carrier to get her down safely.

“The cat was fit and healthy but unfortunately she wasn’t microchipped so we were unable to let her owners know about her death-defying balancing act!

“After a quick pet and a bite to eat, she ran off unfazed by her ordeal.

“We’re grateful to the staff at Glennon Brothers for calling us and helping get this little cat to safety.”

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If anyone is concerned about an animal, please do not hesitate to contact our confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.

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