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Careers Week 2021: Wildlife Assistant


April works at our National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fishcross helping to care for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife until they are ready to be released back in to the wild.

Here's what she says about her career journey:

"In 2010 I started studying healthcare to become a nurse and during this time we rescued our first dog who became terminally ill.

"After caring for his needs 24/7 I finished my college course and then decided to change career and started studying animal care at SRUC.

"I studied for two years completing an HNC and HND whilst volunteering with the Scottish SPCA. A job came up while I was volunteering at one of the animal rescue and rehoming centres in 2013 and I got it!

"I worked there for three years and I loved it. However, I grew more and more fascinated with wildlife and helping wild animals in need. When a job at Fishcross came up, I knew I had to apply and I started working at the wildlife rescue centre in 2016.

"My passion for wildlife and my previous experience working at the animal rescue and rehoming centre prepared me well for working with wild animals at Fishcross such as otters, badgers and foxes.

" In my spare time I look for release sites for animals, put out camera traps to monitor wildlife and read as much as I can about wildlife natural history as there’s always something to learn.

"I wouldn’t say my college course got me the job, however a qualification does give you the confidence to go for jobs and gives you a better understanding of the animals in care, their behaviour, welfare, their needs and how to meet them. Volunteering was a great way to learn about the Scottish SPCA and work towards a full time position with the Society.

"I chose this photo because it sums me up and how happy I feel working with the wildlife that we save!"

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