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Careers Week 2021: Inspector


Stacey works as one of our inspectors.

Here's what she has to say about her career journey so far:

"I was always animal daft as a kid. When I was 11, the Scottish SPCA came to my school and I went home and said I was going to work for them when I grew up.

"I went on to study Zoology at University of Glasgow and then I did an MSc in Applied Poultry Science. My masters project was on the welfare of laying hens and I realised I definitely still wanted to work in animal welfare.

"After finishing my masters degree I realised I needed some more hands on experience working with animals and I spent four months volunteering in a rescue centre in France.

"When I came home, I got my first job working as an animal care assistant at the Lanarkshire centre. It’s very busy and I learned something new every single day.

"My next role was as an animal care assistant in the vet clinic at the Glasgow centre. It was so rewarding to see some of the worst cases recover physically and mentally in front of your eyes.

"While working in the centres I met lots of inspectors and animal rescue officers. I enjoyed speaking to them about the variety in their jobs. When a rescue officer job came up I applied and got it! I started in spring which is one of the busiest seasons. It was a lot of long really hectic shifts but I loved being out on the road. I learned a lot about myself and many new skills.

"My colleagues were fantastic and they encouraged me to apply for an inspector’s post that came up after about a year. I applied but was told I needed more large animal experience, so I did more volunteering.

"An inspector’s post came up soon after that and I got the job.

"I have now been an inspector for 11 years and I feel really proud to say that. There are tough days but I feel like I'm really making a difference. What has really surprised me is that I help people too, which is not something I thought before. Being an Inspector is not a job to me but more a vocation, you need be committed to the role, it's long hours that can be physically and emotionally taxing. However, the job satisfaction knowing you are contributing to better animal welfare more than balances this out."

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