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Careers Week 2021: Animal Rescue Officer


Sarah is one of our animal rescue officers who responds to reports of animals who are sick, injured or trapped.

Here's what she has to say about her career journey so far:

"I started out with the Society as a volunteer while I was at college getting my Animal Care qualifications. I studied at the Elmwood and Oatridge agricultural colleges.

"I used to study there a few days a week, volunteer at the Lanarkshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre for a morning or two and had a part time job in a boarding cattery just to top it off! That way I had plenty of practical experience however, I have always had animals in my life and worked with them before I decided to join the Society.

"It was a conscious effort to get a job with the Scottish SPCA, it was my main goal for years.

"After two years at college and gaining my HND in Animal Care I had also completed a year of volunteering. I worked at one of the animal rescue and rehoming centres and then applied for the animal rescue officer job which I got on my second attempt.

"As of June next year I'll have been a rescue officer for six years!"

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