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Brea and Maisie's rehoming 'tail'

Brea and Maisie as puppies

Brea and Maisie the Japanese akita X Rottweiler puppies were only six days old when they arrived at our Edinburgh and Lothians centre.

Their mum had a very big litter and sadly didn’t have enough milk to feed them all so their owner signed Brea and Maisie over into our care.

Centre manager, Diane Aitchison, stepped in to hand rear the pups, feeding and toileting the pups every three hours, day and night.

Every day they got a little bit bigger and a little bit stronger until they were ready to be moved in to the kennel block where all the staff joined in with their care.

The dedicated team worked with Brea and Maisie for weeks, training them to walk on leads, teaching them basic commands and of course socialising them with lots of cuddles and playtime!

They were both ready to be rehomed at eight weeks old and quickly found their forever homes.

Brea and Maisie all grown up

Brea’s new family cannot believe how lucky they are to have found Brea. She enjoys her woodland walks and playing in the park but her favourite pastime is lounging on her garden bench in the sunshine. It really makes the team feel proud to know that she has grown up to be a very intelligent, loving and loyal part of her family.

As soon as Maisie got in the car to leave the centre, she instantly became a part of the family. She loves meeting new people and always wants to play. Now that she’s hitting adulthood, she’s gentle and kind and very fond of her walks, just like her sister! There’s nothing she likes more than cuddling up on the sofa with her family after a full day.

The team at our Edinburgh centre are delighted that the two little puppies who relied on round-the-clock care to survive have gone on to thrive with their loving new families. 




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