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Argyll Holidays to fund sensory garden for Scottish SPCA dogs

Argyll Holidays to fund sensory garden for Scottish SPCA dogs

The Scottish SPCA will create a sensory garden for dogs at their animal rescue and rehoming centre in Lanarkshire thanks to a £2,000 pledge from Argyll Holidays.

We care for thousands of dogs each year who have been mistreated, injured or abandoned.  Many arrive timid and nervous of their new environment and some arrive as puppies who have only ever lived in a kennel.

Peter Fleming, manager of the rehoming centre in Lanarkshire said, “We are over the moon Argyll Holidays are funding a sensory garden for us and we are so happy they have chosen to do this with us. 

“Many dogs come in to our care with issues stemming from being abused or abandoned and kennel life can be challenging for them.

“A sensory garden provides a safe place for them to get physical and mental stimulation from a whole host of dog-friendly textures and scents they may never have experienced before.”

“Through gaining confidence in the sensory garden, it also helps prepare them for finding a loving new home.”

“Our centre in Glasgow recently completed their sensory garden and it’s been incredibly beneficial towards improving the dog’s behaviours.  Time in the sensory garden has allowed the dogs their own space and allows them to experience different things which has improved behaviour and is a positive step towards finding their forever home.”

Lisa Allan-Downie, head of marketing at Argyll Holidays said, “We’re excited to be partnering with the Scottish SPCA to promote our dog friendly breaks and having seen the plans for the sensory garden, it’s a fantastic project to be supporting.

“At Argyll Holidays, we’re welcoming more and more dogs to stay every year and we make sure that they have a paw-some time, with some of the most spectacular dog walking routes for them to enjoy.

“As a proud owner of two rescued collies, Bonnie and Clyde, I understand that dogs are an important part of the family - and that means they’re part of the family holiday.”

Construction of the sensory garden will be carried out over the summer months. 

If you would like to donate items for the garden, you can do so via the Amazon wishlist.