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Appeal for information after kitten abandoned in Falkirk

kitten abandoned Falkirk

We are appealing for information after a kitten was left on a wall on Grahams Road, Falkirk.

We were alerted to the incident after a member of the public witnessed a man leave the cat and run away at around 9.30pm on 30 March.

Scottish SPCA inspector Robyn Myszor said, “The kitten is a black and white female who is only a few months old. She is not microchipped.

“At around 9.30pm on 30 March a member of the public witnessed a man walking along the street with the cat on his shoulder. He then put the cat down on the wall outside a block of flats and ran away down an alley next to the nearby Mario’s takeaway.

kitten abandoned in Falkirk

“The man was around 5”8 with short hair and appeared to have been drinking. He was holding a can of something at the time of the incident. He stated to some bystanders that the kitten’s name was Pixie.

“We appreciate that the man who left the kitten may have intended for the animal to be found but this is not the right way to give up an animal if you can no longer care for them.

“Thankfully, the kitten is unharmed and is now in the care of one of our animal rescue and rehoming centres where she is receiving the care she needs.

“If anyone recognises this kitten we would ask that they contact our confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”

If anyone is concerned about an animal, please do not hesitate to contact our confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999. We need your support today. From as little as £1, you can save lives. Please support the Scottish SPCA today.