Sign our petition and demand better for animals in Scotland.

Let's make sure animal welfare is high on the agenda of the next Scottish Parliament. 


In our Manifesto, we're calling on candidates to back:

  • A ban on the import of dogs with cropped ears
  • A ban on the import of pups under six months old to tackle the puppy trade
  • A review of the Dangerous Dogs Act, which isn't fit-for-purpose and judges dogs based on their appearance
  • A ban on owning collars which give dogs an electric shock
  • A ban on the use of snares, which indiscriminately harm pets and wildlife
  • A real ban on fox-hunting. 
  • Licences to release beavers in Scotland to be granted.
  • An incentivised scheme for landlords and tenants to help keep people and pets together in rented accommodation, protecting the human-animal bond
  • Animal welfare education to be a compulsory part of the Curriculum for Excellence in schools
  • Guidance to be introduced for the use of animals for education or entertainment purposes
  • A ban on live animal exports for fattening and slaughter
  • The enactment of recommendations from the Fireworks Review Group, including restrictions on the sale and use of them by the public
  • A National Animal Cruelty Register to help us, the police, local authorities and other enforcement agencies combat the breach of bans and cross-reference animal cruelty crimes with other offences.

Download our Manifesto