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Jake the border collie was left for dead. Fortunately some walkers heard his desperate cries for help, found him and called the Scottish SPCA animal helpline.

BECAUSE OF YOU Jake was rescued, rehabilitated and now has a loving forever home.

Watch Jake's story:

Here are some examples of how your donation could make a difference.

£10 donation amount

Giving as little as £10 a month could cover the cost of flea and worm treatment for a dog.

£15 donation amount

£15 a month could buy fresh fruit and vegetables for rabbits, parrots and exotic animals.

£25 donation amount

£25 could buy a bale of hay for horses in our care.

£50 donation amount

£50 could contribute towards vet bills when an injured animal comes into our care.

Because of you, we can continue to be there for sick, injured, abused and neglected animals across Scotland.

Thank you!

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