National Wildlife Rescue Centre

Our state-of-the-art wildlife hospital cares for an average of 10,000 wild animals every year. We take care of a range of species including badgers, red squirrels, birds of prey and otters.

We are currently in our busy summer season when all the baby animals arrive! Many of these young animals require round-the-clock care which means our dedicated team need to hand-rear them at home, feeding them every couple of hours. We can care for over 50 fox cubs in just a couple of months and young otters stay with us for over a year to replicate their relationship with their mum in the wild.

Please consider making a donation to help support the care of Scotland’s wildlife.

Your donations can provide...

Red Squirrel

£5 enables us to care for a red squirrel for a day by providing shelter, food and water.

Honey the Badger

It can cost £8 a day to ensure a badger has plenty of nourishment and comfort.


£10 will provide food, water and clean bedding for an otter in our care for a day.

Where your money goes

Your support will help fund our numerous campaigns and projects, protecting and compassionately saving animals and give them a second chance and helping to end animal exploitation. 

81p Animal Welfare

11p Fundraising and promotion

8p Essential administration



You can help protect Scotland’s much-loved wildlife

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