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Move It In March

Move It In March








‘Move it in March’ and help Scotland’s animals

Do you want to get active while raising vital funds for the animals in our care?

We are asking you to ‘Move it in March’ and complete 161 miles to match the number of animals our team rescue in a typical day. 

We want you to move it your way – whether you choose to walk, swim, cycle, run or do any other activity to reach your target. We kindly ask that, while getting active and completing your distances, you fundraise for the Scottish SPCA and help animals in need. 

The funds you raise will help us to continue to rescue Scotland’s domestic pets, farm animals and wildlife, like Caiman, Skink and Mamba.


In November last year our animal rescue officers brought three seals in to our National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fishcross.

Caiman and Skink were rescued from Portree and Aberdour after being found underweight. Unfortunately Skink also had old bite wounds.

Mamba was brought in from Crail and, although she was slightly heavier than the other two pups, she had a severe wound on her flipper. Sadly she was still trying to nurse from her dead mother when she was found.


Luckily all three seals flourished at our centre after receiving expert care from our staff.

Both Caiman and Skink were fed a diet of blended fish to gain weight before being introduced to the centre’s pool. With a little assistance from the team, the boys then learned how to catch fish for themselves.

Mamba, however, had a slightly slower start and required a lot of treatment for her injured flipper. She was given antibiotics and pain relief and staff had to regularly clean her wound and prevent it from getting infected. But, after being given the all clear, Mamba soon joined Caiman and Skink in the pool and started to catch her own dinner.

In January this year our team successfully released the pups back into the sea, happy they were a healthy weight and had the skills to survive in the wild.



So, are you ready to 'Move it in March'?

Sign up today and start your fundraising journey. Once you reach £50 in donations, you get a free Scottish SPCA beanie hat!


Sign up here    Join the Facebook group



How do I sign up?

Sign up now and claim your FREE Scottish SPCA beanie hat when you reach your £50 fundraising target.



Join the Facebook group?

Join the ‘Move it in March’ Facebook group to receive support from the dedicated Scottish SPCA fundraising team and ‘Move it in March’ community.

Join here:


Is it free to sign up?

Yes, it’s free to sign up. Everyone who does sign up is encouraged to raise vital funds for the Scottish SPCA through a digital fundraising page. Register here:


How do I claim a free beanie hat?

During registration you will be able to select whether you would like to receive a FREE beanie hat once you reach your £50 fundraising target. This will then be automatically sent out to the postal address provided.

Due to demand, we can only offer one beanie hat per registered participant. Our fundraising team will send out the beanies as quickly as possible but please allow 21 days after hitting the £50 target for it to arrive.


My beanie hasn’t arrived, what should I do?

Please allow 21 days for your beanie to arrive. If you have not received yours within 21 days, please email and we will look into this for you.


How do I create a ‘Move it March’ fundraiser?

You can create a ‘Move it in March’ Fundraiser here:


Do I need to provide evidence to the Scottish SPCA of completing the challenge?

No, we trust you! Smartphones and watches have many free apps which let you track your distance, including Fitbit, Strava or Mapmyfitness, and we encourage you to use these to monitor your challenge.

There’s also the option to connect Strava to your fundraising page. You can take a photo or screenshot of this and share it on your fundraising page for family and friends to see how far you’ve reached.


How much do I need to fundraise?

We are asking participant to aim for a £150 fundraising target. However, every penny counts and any amount you raise will make a huge difference to Scotland’s animals.

Upon reaching £50 you will receive your FREE Scottish SPCA beanie hat.


Do I have to fundraise in order to take part?

We encourage everyone who is taking on the challenge to create a fundraising page so you can share your story. Here you can make a self-donation and the page also makes it easy for friends and family to contribute.


Can someone who can’t donate online still make a donation?

If someone is unable to donate online, or would prefer not to, then they can make a bank transfer or a cash donation. You can then add this amount to the fundraising page yourself using the ‘offline donations’ option. To pay this offline donation to the Scottish SPCA visit our website: and use reference code: Move it in March. You’ll receive an email as proof, just in case.


Can I start the challenge earlier or later than 1 March?

Of course! March is when our Facebook group will be active and when the majority of people will be completing their challenge. However, please feel free to complete your 161 miles in a time that suits you.


Can I do more or less than 161 miles?

Yes. This is your challenge and we encourage you to tailor this to suit your ability. Just be clear to your supporters about the challenge you have set yourself so they know what they are supporting.


How do the donations get sent to the Scottish SPCA?

Enthuse will send any donations from your fundraiser directly to the charity. Enthuse take 0% of money raised so all fundraising will directly support Scotland’s animals.


How do I take part in the challenge safely with my dog?

  • We advise you check with a vet before taking on a physical challenge with your dog. They will be able to advise on what is suitable depending on age, breed and health of your pet.
  • Take water and a collapsible bowl on your walks and ensure your dog is well hydrated.
  • Try to avoid exercise with your dog shortly before or after a big meal. This will help avoid potential gastric torsion which can be a serious problem, especially with large dogs.
  • Walk with your dog at the beginning or end of the day when it is cooler. Avoid the middle of the day when the sun is at its hottest. If the ground is too hot for your hand, then it’s going to be too hot for your dog’s paws.
  • If your dog appears faint, wobbly or is struggling for breath at all while you are out, stop, find shade and allow your dog to rest before walking home slowly.
  • Consult a vet if you see anything that causes concern.


How far and how often should I walk my dog?



Puppies typically require several short bursts of exercise throughout the day. This is around five to 10 minutes per session.

Don’t forget, long walks are taxing on your pup’s growing bones and joints. If you want to establish a walking routine, always start gradually.

Top tip: Walk five minutes for every month of your puppy’s life, up to twice per day – for instance, a four-month-old pup could walk for 20 minutes in the morning and evening.


While you need to consider age and health when establishing an exercise regime for your dog, breed is the most useful indication of activity levels.

Generally, sporting or herding breeds need around 60 to 90 minutes of physical activity per day while low-energy breeds require much less exercise – anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes a day.

Any form of physical activity needs to take ability, age and health into account too, regardless of breed.


As your lovable pet ages, they won’t be as sprightly or energetic as they once were. Joints may become stiff and they could tire quicker. Gentle exercise does, however, still need to be an integral part of your dog’s daily routine.

Older pooches require around 30 to 60 minutes of exercise each day and this is normally divided into two or more sessions.

Always take breed, age and health into account when establishing an activity programme. Please remember to consult your vet if you have any questions.


Can I still take part even if I don’t have a dog?

Yes of course! The ‘Move in March’ challenge is open to everyone who wants to take part and raise funds for the Scottish SPCA.


How fit do I need to be?

A basic level of fitness is required to participate in ‘Move it in March’. Speak to your GP first if you have any concerns or are worried about a medical condition. Make sure your activity and its intensity are appropriate for your fitness level.


How do I exercise safely?

Before starting your walk, use the first five minutes as a warm up and ease into a comfortable pace appropriate to your fitness level.

Don’t overextend yourself: look after your body and make sure to schedule in rest days.

For more advice on exercise, speak to your GP or visit NHS Live Well or

How can I stay safe while taking part outdoors?

Plan ahead and dress appropriately for the weather. If you’re walking in poor visibility, wear appropriate clothing such as high-vis. Plan your route in advance and be sure to tell your friends and family where you are going and when to expect you back.


How does the government guidance on COVID-19 affect my challenge?

‘Move it in March’ is a virtual challenge, meaning you can take part in the challenge anytime and anywhere. However, it is important that you and others around you can stay safe while taking on the challenge. You can find the government’s current guidance here.