Scotland’s Animal Welfare Education Forum

animal welfare forumScotland’s Animal Welfare Education Forum (SAWEF) is a group of various organisations that all work within the education sphere to combat animal cruelty and increase animal welfare awareness. The Scottish SPCA organised this forum to bring together people from across the sector to share best practice, strengthen links and discuss topical issues.

Within each organisation there is a desire to improve animal welfare and attitudes towards animals in future generations, so it makes sense to come together to discuss our approaches and tackle any common issues.

There has been UK-wide animal welfare education forums prior to this, but here in Scotland we have a very different curriculum with unique issues and goals. We are delighted to be working in partnership with other charity organisations to improve the education offering across Scotland.

It is our belief that animal welfare should be included in the curriculum for excellence. As such, one of the key aims of this forum is to discuss how to make that possible.


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Prevention through Education

Our free Prevention through Education programme for Scottish primary schools reaches more than 270,000 children every year.

We passionately believe our programme will have a huge and positive impact on animal welfare in Scotland for generations to come.

The results have been immediate, with fewer children being involved in animal cruelty.

Find out more about our programme.