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Welcome to the Scottish SPCA’s

education programme!


We believe our support to every person in Scotland should extend further than our annual workshops.

We want to support people’s health and wellbeing, enhance young people’s literacy and numeracy skills,

introduce innovative ways to engage with STEM and inspire future career pathways.





Mini Activity Pack


All of our Animal WISE resources are designed to complement each other and give the best learning experience to all users.

Why not take a look at our Virtual Lesson where you can watch a video and then complete our mini activity pack?

If you need help reading any of these documents, you can ask your computer to read them aloud to you.

  • Download Adobe Reader from the App Store or Google.
  • Once installed, open the View menu, point to the Read Out Loud submenu, and then click the Activate Read Out Loud command.

You can also hit Ctrl+Shift+Y to activate this feature.


Download your mini activity pack



Animal WISE Roadmap


Find out everything we have to offer by downloading our Animal WISE Roadmap.


Download the Animal WISE roadmap





Meet some of our residents

Watch the videos to meet some of the residents at our centres.

Can you guess the animals from the clues?!


Click here to watch our videos


Take a look at how else you can get involved and the ways in which Animal WISE can benefit you



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Our work with partners


Animal WISE for communities


Animal Guardians


Adventure Clubs


Martha & Gibson

If you are a child, parent or carer, check out the links below to help you or your child to stay safe online.


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