Rabbit Socialisation

Socialisation skills in rabbits

Rabbits are naturally social animals. The vast majority of bunnies thrive on interaction with their own kind, and they are not suited to a life of loneliness. In our opinion, rabbits should never be kept on their own, but we understand introducing new and old rabbits can be a daunting prospect. Here’s some helpful hints to give your rabbits the best possible chance of hopping towards a long, happy life together. 

Minimise the risk of bunny brawls

To give yourself the best possible chance of a successful rabbit introduction, we recommend all rabbits are spayed or neutered beforehand to minimise the risk of any dominant or aggressive behaviour being on show. 

Introduce the rabbits slowly 

If possible, place each of the rabbits in adjoining enclosures to start with. This will allow them to get familiar with one another and give you a chance to observe how the behave in a safe environment. This process may take several days or weeks. If you get to a position where you reckon they are comfortable with each other, introduce them properly.

The first initial meetings between bunnies should take place in a room or space they are both unfamiliar with, so one does not feel like the other is entering their area. Do not leave them unattended for these first initial meetings. Keep them short to begin with, gradually increasing length over time until you feel they are well-enough acquainted to share accommodation together.